I’m a geologist, yogi and plant based foodie.  I currently live in Anchorage, Alaska, am originally from New England, and spent a few years in Montana on my way to the Last Frontier.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you 100% plant based / vegan?
No.  I try to eat as close to a 100% plant based diet as possible, but on rare occasions (often due to poor planning on my part), it just doesn’t work out.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I make vegan meals at home, but when I’m not home and haven’t planned accordingly, I just go with the flow and do the best I can.   Perhaps if I were to find myself with a health challenge, I would be more aggressive, but for now that’s where I am.  I know that for some people this is a turn-off for my website, and I understand.

How can you call your website AlaskaVegan if you’re not 100% vegan?
The name of the website was not meant to mislead.  All recipes posted will be 100% vegan.

Will you be posting non-vegan recipes on your website?

Do you wear leather, wool or furs?
Yes, I wear both leather and wool.  I have also been given some animal fur items and am at a loss as far as how to proceed with those.

3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Luke Jones - Health Room

    Hi Jennie, hope you’re doing well!

    Just wanted to say thanks again for buying my ebook and leaving that great feeback, and I was just wondering if I could ask you a favour… Would it be ok if I used some of the comment you left as a kind of testimonial for the book?

    I would include part of it on the main sales page for the book, with a link back to your blog as well of course 🙂

    Would be awesome if you were ok with it, but honestly no worries if you’re not!

    Have a good day!





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