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Breakfast Rice Pudding and (not so) NEAT review

I was planning to post my version of Gena Hamshaw’s sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, but there was nary a tomatillo to be found in Anchorage.  Ok then, Plan B. Having just received my sample order of NEAT meat replacement products I figured what the heck, why not give their taco filling a try and just top it with sweet potatoes and black beans.  Genius?  I thought so…

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Vegan Breakfast Basics: Chia Pudding

This week Provisions featured some amazing looking stone fruits from Frog Hollow Farm.  Peaches and nectarines are my favorite fruits and my favorite topping for chia pudding, so when they were there on my screen – perfect fuzzy pinkish orange orbs, I had to have them.  It helped that I had a coupon, a necessity for a New Englander to try something new.

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Vegan Breakfast Basics: Tofu Scramble

I have never really been a breakfast person, which is odd considering that my family owned a bed and breakfast for many years.   Growing up, I was a pain about breakfast.  I didn’t like cold breakfast, I didn’t like sweet breakfast, and I didn’t want to eat breakfast immediately when I got up (often taking my breakfast in the car with me).  My preferred choices were corn chowder, english muffins with peanut butter, and cream of wheat.  I’m sure at 5 am my folks really appreciated having to get the stove going to heat the chowder, or having to haul the toaster out for my english muffins while they had their simple cereal.  Between breakfast and the uncomfortable sock line across my toes that used to result in fits of shoe and sock throwing, it’s a wonder I ever made it to school on time.

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