Spurred on by a reader comment, here are some vegan friendly eateries in the Last Frontier!  I haven’t spent any time in Southeast Alaska, so most of those reviews are from other online sources, or word of mouth from friends.  I’ll try to let you know for each place whether I’m speaking from personal experience or not.

I don’t know of many all vegan eateries in Alaska, so most of these are recommendations on making a vegan diet work during your travels rather than recommendations of vegan culinary bliss (though there are certainly a few of those).  If you know you’re going to be visiting specific towns, I’d encourage you to call ahead (I’ve provided the numbers for each establishment) and tell them what you’re looking for.  Alaskans are friendly and often more than willing to work with your dietary needs especially if given a little advance notice.  Also, be sure to check out HappyCow for the latest reviews and updates on vegan eateries.

For those Alaska travelers out there, if you come across a great vegan find on your trip, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add your find to the list!  I’m especially interested to hear from those that took an Alaska cruise or those that visited the villages!



As far as I can tell, eating vegan at Icy Strait Point is not an easy thing.  There are five eateries, all in more or less the same location (same address and same phone number), none of which have vegan items on the menu, or readily veganized items.  See for yourself, I’ve linked the menus where available:

If you’re visiting Icy Strait Point, you’ll either have to bring your own vegan grub or call ahead and see if they can accommodate you.  Contact information for all of the above is:
108 Cannery Rd
Hoonah, AK 99829
(907) 945-3141


Chan’s Thai Kitchen
11806 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK
(907) 789-9777
I have not been to Chan’s Thai Kitchen, so am relying on the words of others.  Reviews indicate that this establishment is happy to accommodate vegans upon request and that the tofu basil was worth a try!  Urban spoon has their menu if you want a pre-read.

225 Front Street
Juneau, Alaska
I can’t speak from personal experience, and their phone number is 586-MEAT, which may be a major turn off, but they are reported to have vegan options and to be quite vegan friendly.  Their facebook site has pictures of green juice, and an image of their raw juice menu, apparently an addition this year.  MenuPix has an image of their regular menu  which is meat heavy and doesn’t have any ‘off-the shelf’ vegan fare.  One review recommended the veggie reuben, which would require ordering without the swiss cheese and inquiring about the thousand island dressing.  I’m encouraged by the opening of the smoothie / juice bar that their regular menu may catch up.

Rainbow Foods Market and Deli
224 4th Street
Juneau, AK
(907) 586-6476
Their lunch menu is updated here.  Gluten free options were readily available on the menu for the day that I looked, and vegan options easily available in the daily salads.  Daily sandwich / soups may or may not be easily ‘veganized’.  Check the on-line menu or call before you head over there.

Sandpiper Cafe
429 West Willoughby Avenue
Juneau, AK
(907) 586-3150
Urban spoon has grainy images of the menu if you want to take a peek.  Pretty standard diner fare.  Looks like the tofu scramble could be ordered without the sour cream, veggie burger without the goat cheese, and grilled Vegetarian Sandwich without the cheese.



Larkspur Cafe
2 Lincoln St, Suite 1A (in the Raven Radio Building)
Sitka, AK 99835
(907) 966-2326
I haven’t been able to find an online menu, and haven’t been here myself.  HappyCow reports that “Thai curry, panini, Greek salad, pasta and spicy peanut dish are either already vegan or can be prepared as vegan”.





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